About Sally A. Ward

Sally A. Ward is a Danish transmedia artist with 20 years experience with everything from writing, directing, graphic design, animation, live events and more. She’s never been satisfied with doing just one thing and never tires of learning new skills. Luckily she has found many opportunities to keep evolving as an artist through projects that combine many different tecniques.

Lately she has been collaborating with her partner, magician and artist Anton Binder, in combining his abilities as an actor and close-up illusionist with her skills in film making. This has resulted in the live performance, ‘The Secrets of Jack Roulette’, which is currently touring in the UK and Denmark. This is just the first in a number of transmedia projects Anton Binder and Sally A. Ward have planned.

Their collaboration has also conceived the podcast ‘The Hall of Mirrors’, which is premiering soon. In it, Anton Binder and Sally A. Ward discuss subjects such as esoteric magic, supernatural occurrences and everything curious and strange. They interview experts within the fields and dive deep into the subjects covered.

Find out more about their future projects here.